Since its inception, PEDro has been supported by several organisations and many individuals. Current supporters are listed below. The Centre for Evidence-Based Physiotherapy expresses its gratitude to these organisations and individuals but retains editorial independence from them.

Major partners

American Physical Therapy Association
Founded in 1921, the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) is an individual membership professional organization representing more than 77,000 member physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, and students of physical therapy. APTA seeks to improve the health and quality of life of individuals in society by advancing physical therapist practice, education, and research and by increasing the awareness and understanding of physical therapy’s role in the US health care system. APTA recognizes PEDro’s role in fostering evidence-based practice and partners with PEDro in the effort to provide robust web tools for physical therapy clinicians.

Motor Accidents Authority of New South Wales
The Motor Accidents Authority (MAA) of New South Wales (Australia) is a statutory corporation that regulates the Compulsory Third Party personal injury insurance scheme in the state of New South Wales. The MAA’s purpose is to ensure people injured in motor accidents receive appropriate treatment and benefits from a sustainable insurance scheme. This includes promoting optimal recovery and reducing the social and economic impacts of motor accident trauma. To achieve this goal the MAA provides support and funding for programs that promote evidence-based practice.

Foundation partners

Australian Physiotherapy Association, Australia


Motor Accident Insurance Commission, Queensland

Transport Accident Commission, Victoria

Helsebiblioteket (The Norwegian Electronic Health Library), Norway

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, UK

Association partners

World Confederation for Physical Therapy انجمن فیزیوتراپی افغانستان (Afghanistan)
Australian Physiotherapy Association (Australia) Physio Austria (Austria) Physio Austria
Bahamas Association of Physiotherapists (Bahamas) BAPT Logo Axxon, Physical Therapy in Belgium (Belgium) Axxon Logo
Associação de Fisioterapeutas do Brasil (Brazil) AFB Logo Canadian Physiotherapy Association (Canada) CPA Logo
UNIFY ČR (Czech Republic) UNIFY Logo Danske Fysioterapeuter (Denmark) Danske Fysioterapeuter
Eesti Füsioterapeutide Liit (Estonia) Eesti Füsioterapeutide Liit Fiji Physiotherapy Association (Fiji) Fiji Logo
Suomen Fysioterapeutit – Finlands Fysioterapeuter (Finland) Finnish Logo Deutscher Verband für Physiotherapie (Germany)
Asociacion Nacional de Fisioterapistas de Guatemala (Guatemala) 香港物理治療學會 (Hong Kong) HKPA logo
Félag sjúkraþjálfara (Iceland) AIFI logo The Indian Association of Physiotherapists (India) IAP Logo
Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists (Ireland) ISCP logo העמותה לקידום הפיזיותרפיה בישראל (Israel) IPTS logo
Latvijas Fizioterapeitu Asociācija (Latvia) LFA logo Order of Physiotherapists in Lebanon (Lebanon) OPTL Logo
Lithuanian Kinezitherapy Association (Lithuania) Association Luxembourgeoise Des Kinésithérapeutes (Luxembourg) ALDK logo
澳門物理治療師公會 (Macau) MPTA logo Asociación Mexicana de Fisioterapia (Mexico) AMF logo
Namibian Society of Physiotherapy (Namibia) NSP logo Nepal Physiotherapy Association (Nepal)
Koninklijk Nederlands Genootschap voor Fysiotherapie (Netherlands) Physiotherapy New Zealand (New Zealand) New Zealand Society of Physiotherapists
Norsk Fysioterapeutforbund (Norway) NF logo Pakistan Physical Therapy Association (Pakistan) Pakistan logo
Associação Portuguesa de Fisioterapeutas (Portugal) APF logo Singapore Physiotherapy Association (Singapore)
Društvo Fizioterapevtov Slovenije (Slovenia) Asociación Española de Fisioterapeutas (Spain) AEF Logo
Sri Lanka Society of Physiotherapy (Sri Lanka) Legitimerade Sjukgymnasters Riksförbund (Sweden)
physioswiss (Switzerland) Physioswiss 社團法人臺灣物理治療學會 (Taiwan) TPTA logo
สมาคมกายภาพบำบัดแห่งประเทศไทย (Thailand) Thailand logo Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (UK) CSP logo
American Physical Therapy Association (USA)


Centre for Evidence-Based Physiotherapy, Maastricht
The CEBP Maastricht is a partner of the Centre for Evidence-Based Physiotherapy, Sydney. CEBP Maastricht aims to search, collect and disseminate available scientific evidence in the physiotherapy domain for physiotherapists, health care workers, patients and financiers of health care. It hosts a library of full-text articles scoring 6/10 or more on the PEDro scale.

British Journal of Sports Medicine
The British Journal of Sports Medicine has published two editorials about PEDro (Sherrington et al 2010 and Elkins et al 2012) and includes a summary of a systematic review indexed on PEDro in most issues.

PEDro has also received assistance from a large number of volunteers who have given freely of their time and skills. The following people rated trials for PEDro during 2013: Joelle Andre-Vert, Winifried Backhaus, Yannick Barde Cabusson, Amrita Bawa, Ana Cristina Castro Avila, Alessandro Chiarotto, Leonardo Costa, Yuri Costa, Laura Crowe-Owen, Uwe Eggerickx, Nicola Ferri, Shana Garland, Anna Gui, Jose Ignacio Ortega, Kaz Iwata, Ilkim Karakaya, Claudia Koeckritz, Chris Lin, Jeanette Lindberg, Jose Luis Arias Buría, Nagarajan Manickaraj, Jasmine Menant, Takahiro Miki, Takayuki Miyamori, Irfan Muhammad, Tania Nava Bringas, Leonardo Pellicciari, Robyn Porep, Jean-Philippe Regnaux, Stephan Rostagno, Nicolas Savouroux, Kavita Sharma, Jess Stanhope, Dave Vrashank, Wayne Wei, Mark Wilson, Vasanth.

The following people kindly translated the PEDro web pages:

Staff and contractors

Several staff are employed to develop and maintain PEDro. The staff for 2013 include: Anne Moseley (PEDro Project Manager); Vicki Nicholson (PEDro Administrator); Joanna Diong (PEDro Research Fellow); Paula Beckenkamp, Xiaoqi Chen, Vinicius Cunha Oliveira, Theresa Ford, Lyndel Hewitt, Johnny Kang, Kriti Khera, Marielle Kingma, Mandy Lau, Jihye Lee, Maggie Li, Gustavo Machado, Jessica Patton, Fereshteh Pourakzemi, Amy Sman, Jooeun Song, Tibor Szikszay, Hiroshi Takasaki, Geraldine Wallbank, Rafael Zambelli, Marcia Zambelli (PEDro raters).

Staff from The George Institute for Global Health provide invaluable assistance for PEDro, particularly in the areas of information technology, marketing and finance.

We contract four information technology companies to produce PEDro:

  • Andrew Duncan from Databuzz is responsible for the interactive search pages
  • Russ Weakley from MaxDesign designed the PEDro and Physiotherapy Choices web-sites
  • Andrea Buldorini from AB Studio produced the PEDro scale training program.

SBS In Language were contracted to translate the web pages into Simplified Chinese.